How to pack smart for cold weather

Published: 03rd August 2011
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How to pack smart for cold weather

Letís face it: Not every ideal travel destination is going to have sunny beaches and clear blue skies. In fact, there are numerous cities in the UK, Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland and various other countries and continents that have sights that are just begging to be explored, yet many travellers resist visiting these places because they tend to have a lot more rain, snow and overall miserable weather.

If youíre planning on visiting an area that has a much colder climate than youíre used to, here are five essential items you should pack in your backpack and/or suitcase before your trip:

1. A small umbrella

Having an umbrella handy when travelling is ideal when itís raining and youíre trying to get from point A to point B, or even if you have to do some sightseeing in the rain. If you have some extra room in your backpack or suitcase try to pack a bigger umbrella so it can protect your belongings while youíre walking around in the rain as well.

2. A raincoat with a hood

If you donít plan on bringing an umbrella, then a coat with a hood is a must. If you are a female a coat with a hood will help keep your hair dry and prevent your hair from getting frizzy, and it was also protect your ears from strong winds as well.

If you can, try to find a raincoat that covers the majority of your body unless you want to deal with wearing wet shirts and pants on a regular basis.

3. Waterproof boots

Waterproof boots are another essential item to pack if youíre travelling to an area that rains a lot, or even waterproof shoes that cover the entire top half of your feet. Unless youíre able to do your laundry every day, dealing with wet socks is a pain and can stink up your bag if youíre not careful.

4. Thin socks

If youíre going to be walking around in your rain boots all day, be sure to wear thin socks underneath otherwise your feet could get blisters. Thin socks are ideal because it gives your feet more breathing room when youíre wearing bulky boots, but keep in mind to pack thick socks as well so once you get back to your hostel or hotel you can keep your feet warm for the rest of the night.

5. Electronic covers

If you plan on packing a laptop, cell phone or any other type of electronic device, be sure to make sure you pack a cover for it as well in case it gets wet when youíre travelling. Dealing with broken electronics when youíre travelling can put a huge dent in your savings, especially when travelling to another country because it makes it nearly impossible to replace broken items, so keep this in mind before you pack for your trip.

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